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Looking for automation of your system? Not a programmer? Try out our consulting services; we can program IntelliScript™ to suit your trading needs! We offer:

Depending on the length, complexity, and logical explanation provided for your strategy it can take more or less time to program, in general no more then a few days for delivery.

We will deliver your strategy in a text document, so you can have a copy of the code for your files as well as a .alt file, which is the file extension you need to upload the strategy directly to the software.


Basic Code Services:

  1. Simple script checking is free! Send us your simple code (20 lines or less and will check at no cost) and we can check to make any minor corrections as needed. Restrictions Apply*

    *Basic Code Services Restrictions

    We will review your script, if it is deemed that it will take longer then 15 minutes to test and correct we reserve the right to refer you to our fee based services.

  2. If you send us your strategy and we expect the script code length to be less than 20 lines, the general fee is $49, though pricing will vary depending on complexity of request.

Premium Code Services:

  1. Advanced coding: $100 per hour.
    2-3 hours for most of strategies, to be delivered within a few days of quote acceptance.
    For more elaborate programming request, average cost runs $300-$1000.
  2. Code conversion from EasyLanguage(TradeStation), MQL4(MetaQuote) to IntelliScript™: $100 per hour.

Premium Code Services include:

  1. We will make sure the code works to the best of our understanding of the submitted ROS, aiming for effectiveness and efficiency**.
  2. Available upon request: Free half hour training for delivered code through remote access helpdesk (